Mo’ Creatures Horses Breeding and Taming

This post is about the breeding and taming system for the Mo’ Creatures mod, NOT the system for the new Minecraft horses from 1.6.2. The info in this post may be obsolete.

For more about taming and breeding horses in Minecraft 1.6.2, see the horses Wiki page. Download the latest version of the Mo’ Creatures mod here.


Everyone wants to try breeding horses or building a Minecraft ranch with the Mo’ Creatures mod. Taming and breeding Minecraft horses is a complicated process, but here are some tips, links, and tutorials to help you get started.


You can only breed tamed horses. When you find a horse you want to breed, you’ll need a saddle (crafting recipe). First, right-click on the horse while holding a saddle. This will put the saddle on the horse.

A brown horse, regular horse, and Pack Horse with saddles

You will need wheat, sugar lumps, bread, or apples to tame horses. Each food reduces the horse’s “temper” by a specific value. Each type of horse has a different temper value. The value increases by increments of 100. The rarer the horse, the higher its temper, from 100 for regular light brown horses to 800 for the Black Pegasus. The Mo’ Creatures Wiki has a complete chart of temper values.

After the horse’s temper value has been met, right-click the horse again to ride it. The horse will start bucking and will throw you off. You have to get back on the horse over and over until a text box appears that says “Name your Pet.” This is the most annoying part of horse taming because sometimes it takes a ridiculous amount of time to “break” the horse—often several minutes. You take a lot of damage every time you hit the ground, and the horse inevitably falls off a cliff or jumps into water (which dumps you off). The number of times you have to ride the horse before it’s tamed seems to be random, but it seems to take longer to tame rarer horses.

If you want to see this in action, there are several horse taming tutorials on Youtube, like this video by Mustang Dood.


A Unicorn with a baby Nightmare

The first step to breeding rare Minecraft horses is to find a unicorn. It took several hours of gameplay before I saw my first unicorn. After I tamed one, they seemed to spawn all over the place. :)

There IS a chance that a Pegasus will spawn naturally, but it’s very rare. You can increase the spawn chance slightly by changing the spawn value under the Mo’ Creatures mod settings. When you’re exploring, make sure you always carry a horse saddle and enough food to tame a unicorn or Pegasus so you’ll be prepared if you find one!

Breeding rare horses is a complicated process. Each horse has a genetic value that determines what kind of horse you’ll get from breeding it. The breeding chart on the Wiki shows the genetic value of each horse and the total genetic value (TVG) to breed the rare types. When you breed horses, their combined genetic values must add up to the TVG to breed EXACTLY.

To start, you’ll need a unicorn and a dark horse to breed a Pegasus. Your breeding pair must be within 4 spaces of each other and at least 8 spaces away from other horses and yourself. Feed each horse a pumpkin, mushroom soup, or cake by right-clicking on it. Then stand back! Each time you breed two horses, one horse in the pair will become sterile unless you turn on Easy Breeding in the mod settings. Sterility only makes the breeding process more complicated, so I prefer to have Easy Breeding on.

Mustang Dood has another great video tutorial that will show you how to breed a Black Pegasus, starting with a dark horse and a unicorn. His Minecraft ranch is also very cool!

Rare Horses

There are 4 rare horses in the Mo’ Creatures mod: the Pack Horse, Pegasus, Nightmare, and Black Pegasus. You can equip a Pack Horse with its own inventory by right-clicking on it while holding a chest. Then, right-click on it while holding a torch or a stone shovel to access its inventory. The white Pegasus, of course, can fly. The Nightmare sets every block it touches on fire for several minutes if you feed it Redstone, but it will also burn down everything nearby. The Black Pegasus is the best; it has the special powers of all the other three. It can fly, carry a chest, and eat Redstone to set the ground on fire.

All 4 types of rare horses in the Mo’ Creatures mod

Fun Facts:

  • You can’t get on a horse while holding a pickaxe
  • You can use tools like swords and pickaxes while you’re riding a horse
  • Horses can’t walk through any opening less than 2 spaces wide and 2 spaces tall. This makes it really hard to ride them in the forest
  • Horses can’t walk through fence gates or doors (1 block wide), but they can walk through a 1-block gap in a fence (1.5 blocks wide)
  • To fly a Pegasus, hold down the spacebar and use the normal key controls (W, A, S, D) to control direction. When you let go of the spacebar, the Pegasus will glide downward
  • Nightmares and Black Pegasuses only set the ground on fire while you’re riding them. They also burn YOU while you’re on them!
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  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have
    really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.

    In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed
    and I hope you write again soon!

  2. in the version 1.6.4, i have this mod and it says on the fourm says the vanilla horses are being used as the tier one horses. but, i dont know what to feed them so they breed. Also, i only get teir 2 horses and zebras, nothing else spawns at all. :(

  3. allynore says:

    Uhm It’s not possible to TAME a unicorn nor a pegasus. You need to breed horses to get a spesific horse, go tame a zebra and breed the zebra with a random horse. If you give the zorse (horse x zebra) an essence of darkness (9074) it will become a dark pegasus, if you give it a essence of light (9085) after that it will become a light pegasus. Just remember to tame the zorse before u give it an essence. If you give a zorse an essence of undead (9084) it will become a zombie horse and by time a skeleton horse, if you give a zorse an essence of fire (9075) it will be a nightmare horse (Found wild in the nether), they are the fastest horse. MARK: All the special breeds like Dark Pegasus, Zombie Horse, Nightmare Horse and Skeleton Horse are found wild but hostile! Light Pegasus can’t be found!

  4. Emma says:

    Tell me how to get the mod

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