Mo’ Creatures Tameable Mobs, Minecraft Pets

This post refers to an obsolete version of this mod (Mo’ Creatures 3.7.1). To download the latest version of the Mo’ Creatures mod for Minecraft 1.6.2, visit the mod’s forum thread. Now with racoons!

There are a variety of really cool tameable mobs in the Mo’ Creatures mod. Once you’ve tamed them, you can breed many of them, and they do not despawn. The coolest part: you can name your pets!

Mo’ Creatures v 3.7.1 (obsolete) – Ostriches, even more Horses, Donkeys, and Zebras that can be tamed.


Mo’ Creatures has its own version of the tamed cats (ocelots) that Notch introduced in v 1.2. Dr. Zhark’s pet kitties were around even before Notch’s, but it’s a lot more trouble to tame and breed them. Mo’ Creatures kitties need kitty beds with milk or pet food in them and litter boxes. Supposedly, if you crack a whip near kitties they will “stay” and not move, but my kitties ran off no matter what I did. The coolest thing about the kitties is the little mood icons that appear over their heads when they are happy, scared, hungry, etc. But unless you want to spend most of your time babysitting a Littlest Petshop, kitties aren’t the best Minecraft pets. (Click here to read more about Mo’ Creatures kitties)


All 6 kinds of birds in one place

There are six different types/colors of birds in Mo’ Creatures, and they’re very easy to tame. Just drop seeds near them (Q key in standard Minecraft controls). After they eat the seeds, they will never despawn. You can pick them up and carry them on your head by right-clicking on them. They’re fun to watch and feed, and they make very realistic birdsong sounds. Best of all: if you have a bird on your head, you can’t fall off anything. You will simply glide gently to the ground!


Goats are very easy to tame, and female goats can supply you with milk. Simply “drop” any food item near them with Q. When they eat it, a screen will appear where you can name your new pet. You can lead goats with rope (crafting recipe included in the mod), but they will also follow you anywhere if you’re holding anything edible.


Pet turtles in a fenced enclosure: note the toggleable health bar over pets’ heads.

A loyal companion! To tame turtles, drop a sugarcane or melon slice near them. Once tamed, they will faithfully follow you always—which can be a problem, because they’re slow, they frequently get stuck, and they’re a magnet for predators like foxes and bears. You can carry a pet turtle on your head by right-clicking it, but it will die if you walk under anything less than 3 blocks tall, and predators will attack the turtle even if you’re carrying it. Your best bet is to fence the turtles in to make sure they can’t follow you and keep them just for show.

All the types of snakes you can find are shown here

Tamed snakes come from snake eggs, which you get by killing wild snakes. When you get an egg, throw it near some torches by right-clicking. When it hatches, you’ll have a tamed snake that will not despawn. If you right-click on it, you can pick it up and carry it around with you.

You can get “pet” fish the same way by throwing fish eggs into water. Unfortunately, they seem to despawn if you get too far away.


A pet lion, made to sit with a whip

BigCats usually attack you and can kill you in seconds (no joke!), but if you find a very small cub, you can tame it by dropping raw pork chops or raw fish near it and then putting a medallion on it (crafting recipe included). The cub must be VERY small, newly spawned (they start growing immediately), and once you tame it, you will need a rope to lead it and a whip to make it sit and stay. They attack other mobs. Warning: they will attack other pets.


You can tame and breed dolphins by giving them raw fish, and they can even be ridden. There are 6 different colors of dolphins, and the genetic values for breeding rare colors of dolphins are almost as complicated as those for breeding rare horses! For more information about breeding dolphins, see the Dolphins Wiki.


Last but not least: horses. Horses are probably the most popular tameable mob in the Mo’ Creatures mod because if you can find a unicorn, you can breed the coveted Pack Horse, Pegasus, Nightmare, and Black Pegasus. For more about taming and breeding horses, see my post on Mo’ Creatures horses.

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23 Responses to Mo’ Creatures Tameable Mobs, Minecraft Pets

  1. Charlotte says:

    how do you tame a polar bear?

  2. madelyn says:

    how do u heal ur bird??

  3. Brianna says:

    Can you tame foxes?

    • Rachel says:

      Yes. Ever sense the Thanksgiving update, you can tame foxes by feeding them raw turkey. Same goes with arctic foxes.

  4. gabi says:

    Can you tame turkeys??

  5. jem says:

    i have mo creatures 1.7.2 and i don’t have pandas or polar bears. do they have eggs in the TooManyItems or are they only able to find in the wild?

  6. piepieguy says:

    There are other tameable creatures in the mod, you can tame dolphins and the new raccoons, plus many more, this mod is HUGE!

  7. B Girl says:

    You can now tame fish by catching them in a fish net. When you put the fish back into the water you can name it , and thus, it won’t despawn!

  8. Nina Parra says:

    how do you get them

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